Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are great if you need quick advice or reassurance. We also are willing to talk about Game of Thrones for thirty minutes (Arya takes it all or we riot at dawn).

Your Dog Trainer Is Just a Call Away

These consultations are offered as one-on-one phone conversations that provide some guidance or troubleshoot a training issue.  We will gather as much information as possible beforehand to better assist you during the call.

NOTE: Anxiety, fear and aggression issues are best addressed in-person with a qualified professional. We’re happy to get your info and let you know if a phone call is a good fit before we start the timer.

A phone consultations can be purchased alone or in addition to our other dog training options.

Our phone consultation is for you if…

  1. You are dog savvy and have a handle on the training but want to clarify training dilemmas with a pro.
  2. You live outside of our service area but can’t resist our charm.
  3. You have small training concerns that may not warrant a full consultation.
  4. Your schedule (or mine) is full but you need some help now!
dog trainer phone consult durham

How it Works

Step One: Sign in to our client portal and request a phone consultation.

Once you complete your client profile, we can schedule a call at your convenience.

Step Two: We trade numbers.

I call you and we discuss your training issue efficiently and effectively.

Step Three: We’re still here!

Your phone consultation includes:

  • An short email follow-up of your training session
  • Resources related to the behavior du jour.
  • Email support for phone consultation topic for 30 days.

Phone Consultation Pricing

Per Call
One 30-min phone call
Email follow-up