People Training

People training is an excellent option for one-on-on attention towards any training goal you may have with your dog.

Learn How To Train Your Dog

Learn to be the dog trainer! Our packages are fully customizable and tailored to your specific situation. Each session will teach you how to communicate clearly, train your dog to respond attentively, and effectively address unwanted behaviors.

People Training is an investment in the relationship you have with your dog now and with every dog you ever share your heart and home.

In-home dog training is for you if…

  1. Have very specific issues you would like assistance with.
  2. You’re a DIYer and want to be involved in the training from start to finish.
  3. Have time in your schedule to practice homework between sessions
  4. Appreciate having an expert by your side when you need help
  5. Have more significant behavior issues that require the guidance of a professional.
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How it Works

Step One: Consultation

We set up an initial consultation to discuss a behavior your dog has developed. We will dig right in and work together to diagnose and improve or solve the problem. Many problems may only need one visit. Good Human will give you the tools to continue training your dog.

Step Two: Select a Package and Setup Service

You can choose a package now or we can determine what training will best fit your needs at the Initial Consultation.  If a package is purchased within a week of the initial Consultation, the visit can be absorbed into the package.

Additional future visits, outside of a package are $80 (pay as you go).

Step Three: We train you and your dog!

We teach you the skills you need to train your dog effectively. You’ll receive homework and resources after each session to work towards your training goals. The training can be loads of fun and it’s very rewarding to help your dog be their very best dog.

Step Four: We Stay in Touch!

Once our package is complete, we will say our goodbyes. Then you and your dog will live happily ever after. But you won’t get rid of us that easily! We are available to you for a full month to tweak a training plan or troubleshoot by email or phone.

In-Home People Training Pricing

Pricing packages are the same across all programs. Each training plan is customized. Simply select a pricing package that works for your budget.

Initial Consult
One, 60-min session
Email and support for 30 days
Three, 60-min dog sessions
Email and support for 30 days
Wonder Dogs
Five, 60-min sessions
Email and support for 30 days