In-Home Day Training

If your dog needs training, but you're short on time or training is just not your thing, hand us the leash! We'll come to your home and do the bulk of the training for you while you’re at work or doing other stuff.

Personalized Day Training, In Your Home

This training will include 45-minute sessions with your dog in your home or neighborhood, progress updates and video tutorials or skill transfer sessions to teach you the new skills and cues your dog has learned.

In-home Day training is for you if…

  1. You have busy family and find it difficult to juggle a new puppy while with keeping your kids from hiding your forks and spoons in your house plants.
  2. You really want your dog to stop jumping on your friends, and goosing grandma but you also really need to finish your presentation for Monday’s day-long on-site training which your boss thought was SUUUCH a great idea.
  3. Your dog walker left a passive-aggressive note about needing shoulder surgery and a suggestion to invest in leash walking lessons.
  4.  You want the best possible dog, but just want to throw money at the problem because you don’t have the time, interest or energy to learn how to train your dog. No shame, we got you.
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How it Works

Step One: Select a Package and Setup Service

You may choose between our training packages of 45-minute sessions along with skill transfer sessions and video updates for the human. If you’re not quite sure which is the best fit, we can help you at the meet and greet.

Step Two: We meet!

Before your package officially begins, your trainer will come to your home and meet you and your dog. We’ll secure access to your home and get logistics in order. We can retain a key at the consultation or provide a lockbox for future services. This visit takes about 30 minutes and is included in your package at no additional fee.

Step Three: We train your dog!

We train efficiently and effectively, which translates to quick results and solid cues. You’ll receive progress reports after each training session with pictures, videos and any interesting details from the session. Depending on your package, we provide skill-transfer sessions for you at your home. We address the human half of the team by teaching you how to keep up the skills your dog has learned and strengthen them.

Step Four: We Train You!

During the final transfer session, your dog will get a diploma and a fancy treat. We’ll answer any questions you have about your dog’s training, and you’ll promise to stay in touch. We’ll return your key and say our goodbyes. Then you and your dog will live happily ever after! (But we’re always here if you need us)

Selecting Your Day Training Program

We offer the following in-home day training programs. Pricing is the same, regardless of the program. You’ll select a package once you’ve entered our account management portal.

Perfect for your adolescent dog whose manners need to be polished or the new-to-you dog you just welcomed into your family.

  • Appropriate for dogs 6 months and older
  • Results best achieved in the 5 session package
  • Attention, Respond to name
  • Touch, Targeting Skills
  • Come When Called
  • Sit, Down, Stay
  • Leave It-ing
  • Settling on a mat or in a crate
  • Walking nicely on leash (basic)
  • Polite greetings (inside and outside)
  • Attention around distractions
  • Exercises to prevent aggression over food or chewies
  • Enrichment games
  • Reviewing known cues
  • Email support for 30 days following package

Along with your sweet new pup, comes a long list of training tasks that need to be done to ensure your puppy grows into a well mannered family member!  Let us do it. We’re not afraid of puppy teeth.

  • Appropriate for dogs 6 months and under
  • Results best achieved in the 5 session package
  • Socialization outings in new environments
  • Excursions to local parks and shopping areas (as age appropriate)
  • House training assistance
  • Crate training
  • Attention, Respond to name
  • Touch, Targeting Skills
  • Come When Called
  • Sit, Down
  • Impulse control basics
  • Settling on a mat
  • Intro to leash walking
  • Polite greetings
  • Attention around distractions
  • Exercises to prevent aggression over food or chewies
  • Enrichment games
  • Email support for 30 days following package
You and your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood after you’ve finished this program. We’ll train your dog to stay by your side and teach you how to maintain your lovely leash manners
  • Not appropriate for dogs who lunge or bark at other dogs or people
  • Results best achieved in 5 session packages
  • Attention to handler
  • Keeping leash loose
  • Polite greetings on leash
  • Sit at curbs and intersections

Leash reactivity is a separate issue than general leash manners. If your dog pulls, lunges, and barks aggressively at other dogs or people on walks, just teaching leash manners won’t solve the problem. We can help manage and change your dog’s feelings, and response to their world.

  • Appropriate for dogs who lunge or bark at other dogs or people
  • Results best achieved in 5 or 8 session packages
  • Management exercises instilled
  • Name response under duress
  • Automatic eye contact 
  • Focus and calm around other dogs
  • Counterconditioning responses to environmental triggers
  • Handling skills for human
  • Email support for 30 days following package

Does your dog hate trips to the groomer or vet’s office?
We use positive reinforcement training to build pleasant associations with care procedures and handling.

  • Appropriate for dogs of any age
  • Results best achieved in 3 or 5 session packages
  • muzzle training
  • accepting restraint
  • accepting medication or injections
  • stationing for procedures
  • overcoming fear of the clinic
  • Conditioning to grooming tools and procedures
  • Email support for 30 days following package

In-Home DAY Training Pricing

Pricing packages are the same across all programs. Simply select your program and a pricing package that works for your budget.

Day Training Package
Three, 45-min dog sessions
Video of skills for human
Day Training Package
Five, 45-min dog sessions
One, 45-min human session
Wonder Dogs
Day Training Package
Eight, 45-min dog sessions
Two, 45-min human sessions