Dog Training Services

Dog training is just as diverse as you and your dog, but we've structured several services and packages to help you focus on exactly what your dog needs.
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Dog Training

Our dog trainer services focus on relationships and teamwork. We work with you and your dog to find the best training solutions for your whole family. Dog training services include:

  • basic manners, leash manners, puppy training, reactive dogs
  • service dog training (coming soon)
  • enrichment services
  • private AKC Canine Good Citizen classes
  • Trainer on Retainer (for families preparing for life with baby)

All in-person services adhered to social distancing, face-masks are required, and all Covid-19 protocols are followed. Trainers monitor body temperatures daily. Most training sessions can be completed virtually upon request. Zoom and Facetime FTW!

Pricing Dogs

VIRTUAL Dog Training

Our online dog training courses and virtual presentations, bring the dog to you. No pants required!

If you haven’t noticed, we happen to be in a bit of a pandemic. As we all adapt to this new normal, we’ve embraced new training methods. But don’t be fooled; online training is more convenient for you and less stressful for your dog.
Our first course, “Good Dog! Basic Manners” is packed with content:

  • Basic manners for adult dogs, such as sit, down, and leave it
  • Tips and tricks to keep your dog busy while working or away (enrichment skills)
  • Help socializing with other dogs and humans, by improving judgment and control
  • Handling skills to help manage vet visits

We can also present educational programs focused on Dog Awareness™ or Pet First Aid/ CPR in your home, office, or school.

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Kids and Dogs

Introducing your pet to your newborn or welcoming a new dog into your home doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. We can provide positive, fun, and effective solutions for challenges that often arise in families with dogs during your child’s early development years.
This includes:

  • preparing your home for life with a new baby
  • teaching children how to safely interact with pets
  • an anxious dog who’s barking or growling at the family