Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about Dog training? We have answers!

Would you believe, aside from our Aunt Mabel’s meatloaf recipe, most of your questions are about dogs? To save you a stamp (or email) here are some of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

How do I know yours is the best service for my family?

Our goal is to set you and your dog up for success and long-lasting results. Coaching the dog’s family is just as important in our process as training the dog, perhaps even more so! The skills you learn from Good Human will be an investment in the relationship with the dog you have now and every dog you ever share your heart and home with.

Are you insured?

Yes. This business is our livelihood and we take it very seriously. We are fully insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas in Chapel Hill, NC. 

What methods do you use to train?

We strive for learner-centered, minimally stressful, and thoughtful training sessions with all species. We use gentle methods based on the most current science of dog training and behavior.

What tools do you use?

Respect for dogs and their people, kindness, science, food, play, observation, humor, creativity, and a clicker.

What the heck is a clicker?

A clicker is a small device that, when pressed, produces a distinct click sound. Clicker training is a type of training which uses a signal to mark the behavior so the dog knows to expect a reward. I like to think of it as taking a snapshot of the behavior you wish to see your pet doing. The reward is what pastes the behavior into your Good Dog scrapbook. Neat, huh?
Learn more about clicker training here.

Will my dog get fat from all the food?

First, we don’t fat shame humans or dogs at Good Human. But it’s okay to be worried about your dog’s health and this is a big concern for many people. When clicker training, it is best to use tiny pieces of food and subtract these calories from your dog’s daily food ration. Clicker training is also good exercise and highly stimulating. Dogs work when they clicker train! You may also substitute a training session for one of your dog’s regular mealtimes.

Do you train dogs of any breed, age and size?

Yes. We also train people of any breed, age and size.

Can you help with an aggressive dog?

Aggression is a broad topic with a full spectrum of behaviors. Good Human can assess the dog and the contributing factors to determine the reason for the behavior. We can help you gain a better understanding of these behaviors and provide innovative and simple solutions for changing the patterns of aggressive behavior. And, if you need more help than we can provide, we have the very best group of referrals.

Do you teach dog training classes?

Sure. If you and some friends would like a small, private class, I am happy to come to you! You can find out more about this service here.

What are the advantages of private in-home dog training?

Private training is customized. It fits your schedule. We have better control of distractions so you and your dog can concentrate on the task at hand. We work exactly at your family’s pace and provide more personalized instruction which means no wasted time.

What are the advantages of virtual training?

Virtual training is convenient! Schedule during your lunch break.
No need to travel or spend time tidying for our arrival (but, really, that’s not necessary). And scheduling is easy so you get solutions right away.
Great service for worried dogs, introverted humans, and global pandemics!
Same professional service in a new, efficient format!

Can you train my dog for me?

The popular “Hand Us The Leash” service is on hold for now. With so many people working from home, this service is not able to be utilized in the way it was designed, or with adequate social distancing.
As we experiment with methods to train in our new normal, we’re considering a drop-off/pick up service. If you’re having difficulties training your dog or stuck on something, in particular, we can craft a custom solution to help you around this. Contact us for more information. 

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Depends. If your dog has been practicing an undesirable behavior for 2 years, it won’t change in 2 weeks. Often we can provide the information needed in our consultation to train the new behavior with no follow-up sessions, but practice is the key to success. Many behaviors will take multiple sessions. If you want us to do the training, a few visits each week will get results quickly. Your dog will learn faster with a Good Human trainer teaching because we do this daily. Expect the best outcome if you do the training too.
Read more about training expectations here.

Can you guarantee the training will stick?

If you are consistent, follow your trainer’s instructions and you are kind in training your dog, we guarantee you will see a change in behavior.
Read more about dog training guarantees here.

You can train dogs, sure. But tell me about your leash-side manner?

Training a dog can be stressful enough without the trainer adding to the stress. We will make training as easy and agreeable as can be. The laws of learning apply to humans as well and we know that people learn best through fun and success. You may need repetition and guidance. Training is a mechanical skill and, just like a dance routine, people learn it at different paces.

If you are an anxious learner, let us know. We have methods to facilitate learning in people as well.

What’s your #1 dog training tip?

Catch your dog doing it right! Too often we focus on what they do wrong. How often do we ignore our dogs when they are quietly lying at our feet or playing with one of their toys? We don’t notice because it doesn’t bother us. However, the minute the dog grabs our shoe or comes over to hassle us, they get all our attention.
Reward the behavior you like and you will get more of it!