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Looking for a Dog Trainer in Durham, North Carolina (or the immediate vicinity)? You’ve found Good Human Dog Training, which means you’re either really bad at web searches, or like us, you believe it’s possible to build a happy, healthy relationship between every dog and their human, which is great! At Good Human Dog Training, we help families learn practical, effective, fun, and humane techniques for improving their life with their dogs.


But Why Good Human?

Our values are our core. It's why we study, practice, and root our beliefs in the science of behavior.
Good Human Dog Training believes in:

We practice teamwork with our clients, so you can develop teamwork with your dog. We thrive on the reciprocity of a relationship based in love and respect.


From overhauling the environment to using interpretive dance to explain a technique to a client, we think outside the box.


We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laugh and your dog laughs with you!


We believe in sharing goodness and kindness. It’s our north star and guides every interaction we have with you and your dog.


Our approach is based on formal education and experience with loads of dogs, which is why we know what works. Also, science.


We create safe spaces for our clients. The more you trust our process, the more you trust your dog. Physical and psychological safety is priority for both species.

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Street Cred?

Jennifer Thornburg is the owner of Good Human Dog Training. She’s been caring for Durham’s dogs for more than 18 years. Her formal education includes certifications from the highly-regarded Karen Pryor Academy. and CATCH Training Academy Learn more

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Dog Training Services

Online Dog Training

No pants required. Learn to become one with your dog. Soooo Zen.

Dog Training

In-person training. Masked up and distanced. You and your dog will learn mad skillz.

Service dog training

We can assist you in training your eligible dog to provide support for your disability.


Dog Trainer Reviews

At Good Human Dog Training, we love feedback. As dog trainers, feedback helps us grow and shapes us into the best dog trainer we can be. Also, we know you’d be silly to trust our welcoming font without someone to back us up. Here is what our fans have to say about Good Human Dog Training. And once we’ve worked together, please, join the fray and let us know how we’re doing.

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I really appreciate Jen’s approach to working with dogs and their humans- I didn’t have to buy a big training package and she provided lots of resources, tips, and tricks for me to try out gradually. She was very reassuring, my dogs just needed patience and practice and she empowered me to step up and do the work. Good Human isn’t for you if you want your dog to magically change overnight, but it is for you if you want to learn about dog behavior and put in the time and energy (it pays off by giving you a deeper relationship with your pups). This is positive reinforcement-based training.
Jen was also wonderful about following up and continuing to offer assistance, as needed. I feel like I can go back to Jen for more advice/training if we hit another roadblock. I appreciate all Jen has done for me and my dogs!”

– Amy B. Via Google

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Jennifer Thornburg came to my home to work with my puppies for a couple of weeks. Even though they were just babies, she was able to teach them to do amazing things in very short order. What I liked the most about her approach was that it was positive and not negative, which I think encouraged the puppies to try to do more to please rather than be geared toward avoiding disapproval. I finally met someone who loved those puppies as much as I did. She is dependable and trustworthy. Also, what a relief to find someone so communicative so that I could know what to expect!”
– Rebecca H. Via Google

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Jennifer did a consult for one of our two dogs, who has always struggled with anxiety. We had worked with Jennifer previously, and even though it had been quite some time, she remembered our dogs’ temperaments and immediately made them feel more comfortable. She spent over an hour with us, discussing/observing the issue, offering options to manage the anxiety, working with him on skills, and suggesting resources and next steps. It was a great value, too, as Jennifer didn’t think we needed additional in-person training but put us in a really good position to take steps on our own to improve the situation. Happy to say, thanks to all this, our little buddy is doing awesome and he’s far less anxious than we ever thought would be possible for him. Grateful to Good Human for that!”
Savannah B. Via Google

Jen has the compassion and smarts to connect with dogs and humans alike! She is committed to positive experiences too!
Melissa Via Facebook

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